1. Keep your students from going to opposing brands, keep them with your school.
    Curro Edenvale Independent School, St Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls, St Johns, St Mary’s, St Andrew's, Holy Rosary, St Benedict's, Sacred Heart, Crawford Bedfordview and Jeppe's High have all advertise on these boards already.


  2. Maximise your school exposure to people from competing schools.

  3. Gain attention of people looking at new schools for children – many want their kids to live outside of the big city – boarding options.

  4. Either pinpoint your advertising towards some schools and areas by using only one or two boards or use all of them, for maximum advertising, at a great discount.

5 Advantages of EB Billboards

  1. Your ad is sent electronically to the screen, which can happen in a matter of hours. No need to send a paper poster two weeks to two months before your ad goes up.

  2. Digital billboards are usually built in the busiest locations. More people passing the billboard means more potential customers looking at your ad.

  3. Production costs are low as there is no printing costs involved.

  4. If you have different stores to promote, you can send different versions of your ad with the address of each one. If you have two different products or services to promote, just send in two ads – you can use your time slot to display them both. Or more!

  5. Outdoor advertising traditionally works in month blocks and there are good reasons for this. However, with digital, you can start and end on the day you want. If your event is on a Wednesday, you can stop your advertising on a Wednesday, or the Tuesday before, or the Monday…

Electronics billboards offer great interactive media.

The biggest advantage you get from electronic/digital billboards is the ability to make quick changes to your advertising without any additional expense of reprinting and re-flighting your artwork... It can also make your ad more memorable for passers-by who view any number of outdoor media ads throughout their day.

Billboard advertising has been around for many years and won't be going anywhere anytime soon, think back to the latest billboard saw this week. Chances are, it featured an eye-catching design that made you look at it, and more importantly, remember it despite the countless distractions on the road – from speeding cars, pedestrians, and even weather conditions.

Now electronic billboards amp up that wow factor while still being an affordable way to market your business while bouncing back from the pandemic.

It doesn’t take an advanced degree to know there are more ways than ever to reach potential clients, and nothing shouts out to a potential client like electronic billboard advertising.

Not everyone thinks of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising when it comes to marketing. Those who do report outstanding results. Digital billboards are an effective and proven medium to deliver just the right message at just the right time to a wide variety of audiences.




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